Bloody Yes! is an illustrated wall calendar aiming to empower women who menstruate through better knowledge of their biology, using the tools of science, art and design. Twelve of the most exciting female illustrators across the world - from Costa Rica to South Korea - have been hand picked to interpret a month in the calendar, each supplying a custom made artwork exclusively for the Bloody Yes! project. 
The calendar is not only a beautiful piece of artwork, though. An informational section introduces the four phases of the female cycle and explains how they affect our bodies and minds - scientifically based knowledge that few are aware of. Bloody Yes! is a non profit project created solely by women for women. The concept was created and launched by Shevolution, a creative female collective founded by a trio of Swedes: illustrator Lina Ekstrand, art director Louise Matell and journalist Eva Paulsen. 

The complete profits from the sales of the Bloody Yes! calendar will be donated to the international grassroots organisation Women for Women International.
I've had the pleasure of working exclusively with women for this project and couldn't be happier with the result of the hard work of all our contributors. The illustrations you see as monthly samples here are made by: Lulu Lin, Yasmina Malmsten, Yinhwa Jang and Alva Skog. It´s also been such a pleasure illustrating for the project- everything from the portraits of our interviewees to the lush sketchy women illustrating the menstrual cycle to my own month illustration-interpreting pms that I´ve struggled with all my life.
This is knowledge that I wish I've had as a young woman and that every young woman should have.
Visit our Kickstarter campaign for the Bloody Yes! project: BLOODY YES!

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